Most media today seems focused on bad news and people’s failures. Negativity is so 2016. Why share shade when you can share shine? Tweet the change you want to see in the world!

  1. Post to your favourite social network acknowledging someone inspiring in your life. Make sure they know you think they rock. Tag them and include #CastItForward in your post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  2. Visit to see the latest “casts” or search for #CastItForward on your favourite social network to see all the posts from people giving props. (Before this started the hashtag had been used one time on Twitter. Let’s see how many powerful posts we can create!)
  3. It someone profiles you in a post, make sure to Cast It Forward! Acknowledge and mention someone else you feel deserves some love (by mentioning them in the comments or a reply and including #CastItForward). This will help keep track of where a particular thread started and where it went.

See some of the latest “casts”.

When you Cast It Forward, you give acknowledgement and gratitude to someone who has inspired you to be a better person, a funnier person, a faster person, a kinder person. Then, get to acknowledge someone inspiring to them, and so on and so on. As the chain grows, so does the stoke. Think of it as a feel-good chain letter.

I am feeling inspired and want to record a podcast.

Register for the Cast It Forward Script and follow the instructions. A CIF Cast gives you more time to share more information about the person who inspires you. We take care of the heavy lifting, posting your interview to Soundcloud and iTunes. You get to be the reporter, sharing an interview that will make the world act, cry, laugh or all of the above.

Because everyone works with the CIF Script, our listeners can connect through a familiar format with each episode. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be surprises. Each conversation will have its own blend of humour, emotion, and inspiration.

Follow these steps to kick-off your cast.

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How is Cast It Forward different?

Most podcasts have a regular host. With Cast It Forward, every episode has a new host, and next week it could be YOU! Get some sonic motivation from heartfelt personal chats in every episode. Then Cast It Forward and interview someone in your life to inspire the castmunnity.

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Lisa and Trevor record a podcast.

Episode C1: Trevor and Lisa

Recorded in Vancouver, BC, Canada the first-ever episode of CastItForward features Trevor Jurgens and Lisa Nakamura Nguyen and touches on smiles, Japanese proverbs, Anthony Bourdain and fresh footwear on octogenarians. Have a listen and Cast It Forward!

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Episode C2: Lisa and Claire

In the second-ever episode of Cast It Forward, former “Castee” Lisa Nakamura Nguyen becomes the “Caster” profiling Claire Livia Lassam. They discuss crazy cakes, the middle-class opportunity to take “stupid risks”, the “Picasso of Pastry” and inspiring farmers. Cast It Forward!

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